New Dog Registration & Agreement

For new daycare customers: Please note that we require an initial meet & greet and series of 3 successful half-day daycare stays before your dog is fully accepted into our daycare program. The meet & greet and three (3) half-days will be set up at least one (1) but no more than two (2) weeks apart. This helps us get to know your dog and determine whether he or she is a good fit for our daycare program. Your first meet & greet visit is priced at $35 and your subsequent half-days (less than 6 hours of daycare) will be priced at $18.

For new boarding customers: We offer general sleeping at $34 per calendar day, for dogs who prefer a sleepover with their friends. As well, we offer private boarding at $44 per calendar day for dogs who prefer to sleep privately and enjoy playing in the yard with select playmates or with one of our staff only. If your dog is a part of our daycare program, we will let you know if they prefer to sleep in a cubby or with their friends.

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Vaccination Requirements
Your dog must be up to date with the following vaccinations before entering our facility in any capacity: Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella (kennel cough vaccine). If your dog has never had the Bordetella vaccine, it must be administered 14 full days before they visit us in any capacity.
Please let us know who your dog's primary veterinarian is.
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Does your dog try to escape fencing by climbing or digging? *
Does your dog have fear of people or dogs? *
For daycare, a half day of daycare is defined as your dog staying at Willow Run for less than 6 hours and is priced at $18. A full day of of daycare is defined as your dog staying with us for 6 hours or more and is priced at $28. For boarding, general sleeping is priced at $34 per calendar day and private accommodations are priced at $44 per calendar day. Therefore, if you drop your dog off on a Saturday and pick up on a Sunday, regardless of time of drop-off or pick-up, you are charged for 2 (two) calendar days. The above rates are per dog. No discounts or special rates apply to multiple dogs.
Guardian Agreement *
I certify that all medical and contact information provided to Willow Run related to my dog is accurate and I agree to update this information is changes occur. I agree that I will not bring my dog to Willow Run if s/he shows any sign of communicable disease (coughing, goopy eyes, vomiting, diarrhea, or skin issues other than allergies or if a veterinarian has diagnosed a communicable disease. I agree to inform Willow Run staff of any pre-existing wounds, conditions, and/or signs of illness at the time my dog arrives for boarding or daycare. I understand that Willow Run is a daycare and boarding facility that encourages dogs to socialize, play and room together. If a dog exhibits extreme anti-social behavior, aggression, or fear, he or she may be isolated from the other dogs and, if necessary, asked to leave, for the safety of other dogs and Willow Run staff. I understand that dogs, especially when playing and socializing, can accidentally injure one another. Minor cuts, scrapes, bite wounds, bruises and torn toenails or pads are possible and not an unexpected result of participation in group activities. Willow Run agrees to inform me of any such minor injuries that occurred while my dog was in their care; in certain cases Willow Run will pay part or all of reasonable costs related to injuries if, in the opinion of the treating veterinarian, the injury treated was beyond the scope of a minor injury resulting from play or socializing with other dogs. I certify, if my dog is over six months old, that s/he is spayed or neutered. In the case of very large breeds (Great Danes, Mastiffs, Wolfhounds, etc.), the minimum age for spaying and neutering is eight months, provided the dog is not displaying overt sexual behaviors. I agree to allow Willow Run to obtain medical treatment for my dog if, while in Willow Run's care, it appears that s/he is ill or exhibits other signs suggesting the need for medical care. In such cases, the guardian is responsible for the cost of such medical treatment. I understand that Willow Run requires basic vaccinations (or titers with written veterinarian consent) of all dogs, but that does not mean my dog is exempt from catching communicable diseases, such as kennel cough or parasites. I understand that Willow Run cannot be held liable for illnesses or conditions my dog may contract during his/her time at Willow Run. As guardian, I understand it is my responsibility to ensure that Willow Run has the most recent vaccination records in its possession. By Law, Willow Run cannot accept dogs without proof of up-to-date vaccinations. I understand that payment for services and products is due at the time of pick-up payable by credit card, check, or cash. I understand that, while at Willow Run, my do may get wet, dirty, or muddy. Willow Run will take reasonable steps to release a clean dog to me, but is not obligated to provide full bathing services unless scheduled by me prior to pick-up. Standard bathing prices will apply. I understand that Willow Run does its best to care for and return my dog's personal belongs and that all such belongings should be labeled; however, Willow Run cannot be held responsible for those belongings if they are chewed, lost or otherwise ruined.
Please leave blank, as we will print and have you sign in person when we meet your dog.
Please leave blank, as we will print and have you fill in the date when we meet your dog.